Jailbreaking and Entering…

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So I have been struggling with the ever so tempting taboo of JailBreaking.  So my many months, weeks, days, and hours of research had pointed me into one direction, Blackra1n.  So if you go to http://blackra1n.com and download the app for either PC or Mac.  Then plug in your iPHONE, open the app, click on MAKE IT RAIN and WHAMMY!!!  jailbroken iPHONE.

So far I have only tested out 2 apps.  First is Cycorder an app that records both video and audio.  Now for 3Gs owners i guess that wouldnt be worth the switch.  But for us 3G owners who were not about to pay more for a video feature, we welcome it.   it records anywhere from 7-15FPS and thats pretty decent.  To get the videos off of the iphone download Googles iphonebrowser app here http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/

Here is a sample of some random video shot in my room that i then uploaded to vimeo CLICK—> Cycorder Video Quality

The user interface is simple enough.. Record, Stop, View files, Delete.  I love this APP and it will make the anticipation of waiting for the NEW iPhone (4g?) go by a little faster.

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Farley DTV Ad?

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Okay.. So if you have been watching the World Series or anything else on TV you’ll notice the re-invention of ads featuring famous iconic scenes from movies to push Direct TV.

Now I’m all for the creative thinking and “out of the box” thinking that goes on with commercials but the issue I have is with the Chris Farley commercial.

The guy has been dead for, i dunno, 10 years or so?  I the REAL WORLD Farley and Spade were best buddies… So why are you using a dead man to market a satellite service Spade?  Did you REALLY need the money?  Same for the Farley Family…


Here is a statement released by David Spade, or his assistant or something…

“When DIRECT TV came to me and the Farley family with this idea about ‘Tommy Boy,’ we talked and thought it would be a cool way to remind people just how funny Chris was. It is a clever homage to my friend and a movie that we loved doing, ” he says.

“We should look to Chris’ family and friends for the ultimate opinion on this subject. They were involved from the beginning of this project and felt that the spot was a great to tribute to Chris,” DIRECT TV said.

SURE… because anyone in the “biz” knows that staring in a Direct TV commercial does nothing if not BOOST a career.. [hits sarcasm button]  Spades career died with Farley and his TV show Just Shoot Me seems more like a suggestion rather than a smart title.

So David, I can see WHY you really needed the money, but why not use any of your funny solo movies or tv shows?  Maybe flash all the way back to your days on SNL…

If you wanted to pay homage/respect to a friend and show the world how funny he was, then use that Direct TV money to produce a decent documentary on the guy.  Just be honest with us, don’t get all Hollywood on us!  Just say “Yah, DTV offered me a sh!t load of money and i needed the cash, and then the Farley family didn’t mind a few more stacks to roll on either… so we sold out Chris to sell pretty lil satellites and make a commercial that will have about a 3 month lifespan.”

Watch the commercial and weigh in yourself.

And now I present to you DTV the REALLY!? award!  ENJOY!


Jesse Navarro






Starting the Blog

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Hi There,

Jesse Navarro here, I’m going to be updating my blog EVERY DAY.  Yes I know you’re most likely asking yourself “why”?  Well I can’t answer that but I’m sure i lead a life more interesting than yours. 😉


So lets start…

Yankees played today but ultimately lost..  they waited until the 7th to get things rollin’ and it just wasnt enough.  I’m confidant that they’ll take it all the way but still, they should have won tonight.

well..  maybe today wasn’t that exciting but I was sleeping most of the day nursing this aching jaw from TMJ.  I did however want to discuss my “REALLY?!” award for the Chris Farley commercial

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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