Jailbreaking and Entering…


So I have been struggling with the ever so tempting taboo of JailBreaking.  So my many months, weeks, days, and hours of research had pointed me into one direction, Blackra1n.  So if you go to http://blackra1n.com and download the app for either PC or Mac.  Then plug in your iPHONE, open the app, click on MAKE IT RAIN and WHAMMY!!!  jailbroken iPHONE.

So far I have only tested out 2 apps.  First is Cycorder an app that records both video and audio.  Now for 3Gs owners i guess that wouldnt be worth the switch.  But for us 3G owners who were not about to pay more for a video feature, we welcome it.   it records anywhere from 7-15FPS and thats pretty decent.  To get the videos off of the iphone download Googles iphonebrowser app here http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/

Here is a sample of some random video shot in my room that i then uploaded to vimeo CLICK—> Cycorder Video Quality

The user interface is simple enough.. Record, Stop, View files, Delete.  I love this APP and it will make the anticipation of waiting for the NEW iPhone (4g?) go by a little faster.

WinterBoard was my next download.  Just beautiful themes to pick from.  Also you can download individual skins IE keyboard, battery, desktop, etc… and make your own super theme.  I chose the ILLUMINE theme and used it for my main photo above in this blog post.  Not much to say other than it is a well recommended download.


If you have any app suggestions send them to me:  jesse@vintageclash.com




~ by vintageclash on November 4, 2009.

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